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After a moment, he chased after Boss Pei.

What’s this?

More shops were being opened here. Wouldn’t that be good for our restaurant? Shouldn’t we choose it right away? Why is Boss Pei walking away without turning back?

His mind was full of questions, but he dared not ask a single one. Instead, he silently followed behind Boss Pei.

Translated by: Sads07

[This is out of the noooooorrmmm! Even Data is taken aback by this! Apparently, it was much larger than the information that Data had researched beforehand! Yes, careful observation is required if the boys haven’t seen each other for three days! In the face of Vigg’s Excalibur, Data has lost his will to fight and surrendered! For Vigg, it’s a brilliant victory!]

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Hmm? It looks like the match is over. But what kind of match was this, anyway? I’m really curious about the content.

But now, what I’m most worried about is...

「Tre’ainar. What do you think of that Wacha guy?」

On the way back to my seat, I asked Tre’ainar about the scene we had just witnessed.

『I believe he is an outsider... or rather, like Bro, someone in a position come and go to the Outside world.』

「It seems so.」

The people of this secluded nation have been in this island country for a long time. They were born, raised, and will die here.

But, when asked if no one can go in and out, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

It seemed that there were times when people go outside like Bro, or on the contrary, bring in his friends to the dojo.

Therefore, Wacha might be someone in such a position, too.

But, putting that aside.

「What were they talking about earlier?」

『To such an extent... nevertheless...... it did not feel like a matter that bodes well.』