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Online through selling things to make money

It was the feeling of Tomorrow is Beautiful!

There were many shops here, and the signboard style was based on the plot scenes when the male and female protagonists came to the Earth to eat in Tomorrow is Beautiful. The structure might not be exactly the same, it still gave people an inexplicable sense of déjà vu, as if they had seen this place before!

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These were not the worst.

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The most outrageous thing was that there was a high-tech sports car model at the entrance of this snack market. He did not know where it was custom-made, but the workmanship was quite detailed. He could even open the car door and sit in to take photos.

There were some large electronic toy factories in the country that specialized in making these static equipment. They could replicate everything from sports cars to tanks. They specialized in providing some amusement park projects.

If the requirements were higher, such as the design, appearance, and internal material of the entire model, they could also customize it overseas.

These toys were not cheap. They ranged from 200,000 to 500,000 yuan. After all, they had to be flown back if they were custom-made overseas.

This model could not be opened, but it should be more expensive than some entry-level luxury car brands.

However, this sum of money was nothing to the investment of the entire snack market.

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Zhang Yahui and Liang Qingfan were already waiting at the door when they heard that Boss Pei was coming.

Zhang Yahui asked in a low voice, “Eh, why isn’t Brother Bao here today? Wasn’t he always here?”

During this period, Bao Xu had been very busy with this snack market.