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However, it seems that we’re still always bickering with each other.

At least, from my point, Amano has always stayed the same. His courage and communication skills have improved a bit. But, his inner “Keita Amano” hasn’t changed.


…I’m the same. No matter how much I try to laugh, cover, pretend as a normie or love master-

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In the end, …I, Tasuku Uehara, is just a hardworking idiot.

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…It was hard for me to accept this in the past. But, for some reason, right now…

“Isn’t that great, Uehara-kun?”

Once I snapped out of it, Amano already let go of my collar and looked at me gently.

Instead of saying he read my mind, that’s more like the answer to our discussion…

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I slowly released his collar.

Then, I nodded determinedly and asked.

“Do you…think that’s true?”

“Yes. Of course, as I said before, Aguri-san will love whatever Uehara-kun gives. Yes, what ‘Uehara-kun’ gives.”


During this time, I finally made up my mind and decided what I should give to Aguri.