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“Wha? But weren’t you just saying that competing with points lacked an artistic something or whatever?”

“Please tell Hashimoto to tell the first-years that we’re willing to match Ryūen-kun’s offer.”

Kamuro pursed her lips, having heard Sakanyagi’s puzzling instructions.

“However─ Even if the first-year students agree to our offer, don’t finalize the agreement with them.”

“Hah? I seriously don’t understand what the heck you’re getting at here.”

“Fufufu. Ryūen-kun’s strategy is actually rather convenient for me.”

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“I don’t even know what’s what anymore…”

[Isn’t it fine? If the princess says it isn’t necessary, then let’s just do as she says.]

Hashimoto, who had been listening in on the conversation over the phone, chimed in.

“…I guess I’m fine either way.”

Even if an agreement was reached with respect to the amount of points, Sakayanagi had deliberately instructed not to finalize the partnerships.

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Although Kamuro didn’t understand, she once again relayed the details of Sakayanagi’s plans to Hashimoto.

As she did so, Sakayanagi gazed at Kamuro tenderly, wondering if she had been just a little too mean with her mischief.

So, she began to explain, so as to give a hint to Kamuro about what was happening.

“Ryūen-kun’s grand strategy isn’t an inherently bad one. By going around contacting the first-years like he has, he has succeeded in forcing me to participate in this money game of his. However, he’s been dead set on trying to compete for the exact same students that we are, which is a clear miscalculation on his part. As Class C is the more inferior class overall, he should be focusing his attention on the students with high academic potential first and move forward from there.”

However, Ryūen wasn’t doing that. Amongst all the students Class A was reaching out to, some had potential in areas outside of Academic Ability, yet Ryūen was trying to snatch them up as well.

“Does this mean that guy’s got a ton of private points saved up?”

“Well, who knows? Even if he has the points he needs, he might not actually be able to make use of all of them, does that make sense?”