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The comments below the post immediately increased rapidly.

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“FV is awesome!!!”

“Keep winning. We have to see 3: 0 next week as well, understand?”

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“The foreigners deliberately teamed up and said that our domestic IOI teams are noobs. Fortunately, you guys were hardworking enough. If not for you guys, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to get rid of the label of ‘noob’ for the next one year. Well done!”

“Hurry, I want to see the new VLOG of my team members!”

“It’s not too much for the other two teams to kowtow to FV, right?”

“The last hope of cn IOI, FV, charge for me!”

Domestic players did not particularly like FV Club’s performance on Weibo.

That was because the traditional virtues of the countrymen were humble and low-profile. Such flamboyant behavior represented immaturity and was not likable to begin with. They would definitely be held accountable once they lost.

What’s more, FV Club did not differentiate between domestically and overseas. They used all the memes that they could use. The Weibo post ‘My teammates and I’ had indeed hurt the fans of the other two teams.

However, the post after the top eight had completely reversed the public opinion of FV Club!

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These three teams that went overseas represented the domestic IOI circle. FV Team did not forget about the other two clubs even though they won. They even arranged seats for them on the wings.

Obviously, FV Club’s performance was not targeted at anyone but for the effect of the show.

The other two teams could not fight well. Was there a need to protect them if they could not fight well? That was meaningless.