Online chasing

Online chasing

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“Well, well, now’s a good time for a battle, let’s battle!”

“I was thinking just the same thing! I was looking for a suitable opponent!”

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“Me too, me too! Hiya, it’s best when there’s a friend, indeed!”

When I’m looking at Chiaki’s hazeless smile as she’s talking lovingly, surprisingly, I will also feel blessed and satisfied too.

Chiaki seems to can’t hold it anymore and stood up. Then, she smiled and suggested it to me.

“Well, I’m grabbing my console now. Let’s play-“

-Just as she’s about to finish that sentence.

“G-Good evening, Amano-kun…and Chiaki-san.”

A blonde beauty that’s a bit nervous…my girlfriend, who’s wearing a yukata, came and talked to us.

We immediately stopped chatting. At the same time, we answered Tendou-san nervously in unison. “G-Good evening.” …For some reason, even though we didn’t do anything wrong, we feel like we’re being interrogated.

An awkward silence fell between us three. …During this time, I suddenly realized.

(Eh, isn’t this the best time for us to explain the confession?)