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Ma Yiqun was quiet for a long while. “Brother, could you recommend me? I’ll tender my resignation to Old Liu tomorrow.”

To quit immediately was Ma Yiqun’s most pressing thought. Seeing how his brother had been living the past few months and comparing it with his own…

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He couldn’t take it!

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Huang Sibo had explained Tengda’s work environment, company benefits, etc. in detail. Every single aspect made Ma Yiqun very envious.

“Of course, I can recommend you. However… I also don’t really know what Boss Pei’s selection criteria are. Whether you can pass the interview, it is all in your hands.”

Ma Yiqun hurriedly nodded, “No problem. Sibo, talk to me. How was your interview like? What do I need to prepare?”

“How was it like?” Huang Sibo recalled what had happened. “To be honest, I felt that I wasn’t going to do well. I had only brought my resume that wrote my work experience, honestly.”

“Honestly?” Ma Yiqun was a little surprised. If he was going to be honest, how ugly would his resume be?

Huang Sibo had been hired like that?

Huang Sibo nodded, “Yes, honestly. Furthermore, I’ll tell you something else. Old Liu had also gone for the interview then. He had been right before me; he wasn’t hired.

Ma Yiqun, “…”

He was utterly confused.

Huang Sibo then thought for a moment and said, “Based on my understanding of Boss Pei, he has a unique way of looking at people. He can look at things beyond one’s resume, everyone’s hidden potential. I feel that you should not fake or exaggerate things; don’t make your resume too nice. This might actually work in your favor with Boss Pei.