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「Flying Lightning God – Limit 100 Million Volts!」

Idol-san, who turned into azure lightning, stood up slowly.

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(She can still bring out such power…?!)

I couldn’t help but remember the gods due to her appearance. It took my breath away.

Then she put together the two lances in front of her chest and whispered.

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「-Glome Alchemia.」

Violent thunder produced heat which melted the two lances and fused them together.

And a large sword was created.

「Lightning Sword – Indra」

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The blade, the hilt, the guard, which were all pure white, emitted overwhelming pressure.

Idol-san placed the sword in front of her navel and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

I was in a desperate situation in which my spiritual power has been exhausted, darkness disappeared, and my body riddled with wounds.

But for some reason, strange emotions swirled in my mind.

(Fuu, haha… Hahaha…..!)

I couldn’t help it – It was fun.