What is the situation of making money online?

What is the situation of making money online?

Pei Qian turned his computer screen slightly to let Ma Yang see it as well. He pointed at the Jingzhou City map on it and said, “Come and take a look. Here, here, and here. These are the bustling commercial areas in Jingzhou City. Oh, as well as the area around our university; that place is good as well.

“I am thinking of choosing the best location out of these and open a big-scale chain internet cafe! I am leaving this matter entirely in your hands! What do you think?”

Ma Yang’s eyes grew hazy as he said, “Brother Qian, your so-called important position is… the boss of an internet cafe?”

Ma Yang felt rather disappointed.

Pei Qian’s brows knotted as he said, “What do you mean by ‘boss of an internet cafe’? This is different!”

“In my plan, this is not a simple internet cafe. It has to be a combination of an internet cafe, gaming experience, exclusive selling of hardware, watching shows, etc. It is a huge entertainment center that combines all these experiences!

“You still do not yet understand the importance of this.

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“Tengda’s main businesses are all in the gaming industry. However, what are we lacking? We are lacking a platform and space to interact with our players! Tengda’s goal is to become a conglomerate that owns businesses spanning gaming, entertainment, hardware, and many other industries! This center would be an important piece of the puzzle!

“For such an important task, I don’t trust anyone else; I only have you to turn to!”

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Seeing Pei Qian’s earnest expression, Ma Yang was finally certain that Pei Qian wasn’t joking.

He was serious!

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Ma Yang’s hands shook slightly as he said, “Brother Qian, I… I…”

Pei Qian patted his shoulder and said, “You don’t have to say anything; I understand.”

“However, I am but a general without an army; I am nothing actually…” Ma Yang’s expression became pained.