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“Stop it. Don’t yell it like a slogan! Are you a toddler!? No one will do it! The kiss between Tendou-san and me isn’t cheap enough to show in a ridiculous environment like this!”

“Well, it’s okay for Hoshinocchi to kiss Amanocchi as well.”

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Amano-kun and Chiaki-san yelled at the top of their lungs. Also…

“Ah, you died.”

Uehara-kun looked at the screen and mumbled. …This is the first time I lost a life after I remembered the basics of this game. Of course, …after all, I dropped the controller entirely just then.

Amano-kun slammed the table and retorted Aguri-san.

“What does Chiaki kissing me has to do with a shooting game’s strategy!?”

“I already said it’s the power of love.”

“Can love really give the person in question power when she’s not even participating!?”

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“I don’t know. We have to try everything we can. It’s worth a try.”

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“It’s not! Please don’t use such excuses to prank Chiaki and me!”

Amano-kun’s so pissed off that he’s about to bite Aguri-san. As for Aguri-san, she curled up her lips and turned away. “Tck…” …They are still as close as siblings.

I coughed. After that, …since getting hit reduced the score multiplier, I have to try again. …I’ll have to be careful this time.

So, I finally got to the level where I died.

…This time, Chiaki-san was the one that made up her mind. …She suddenly stood up and yelled.

“W-Well, …it’s not like I can’t assist you guys beating the game that way!”