Do you make money on the network?

Do you make money on the network?

What’s more, this was only the data of Bunny Tail’s live-streaming platform. There were also ZZ live-streams, Waiwai live-streams, Wolf Fang live-streams, and so many other platforms watching the GPL league at the same time.

The difference in numbers was probably about ten times, right?

Of course, the people who were on Bunny Tail Live-Stream must have been attracted from other platforms. However, the popularity statistics of other platforms were fake. No one could tell that the popularity of other platforms had decreased.

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Thus, all the preparation work that he had done previously seemed to have benefited the GPL league...

However, Zhao Xuming could do nothing about it.

That was because Boss Pei had indeed given almost all of the resources for the ICL league, including various recommendation resources, according to the contract’s regulations. Even the homepage had the ICL league promotion banner hanging all year round.

Zhao Xuming and Eric were the ones who requested for Bunny Tail to broadcast the GPL league.

What’s more, Boss Pei had not really promoted the GPL league. He had only put a promotional page guide in the game and specially developed a small program for the game’s data.

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However, the final outcome was completely unexpected. The ICL league had been laying the groundwork for so long, and all its popularity had been stolen by the GPL league!

The most annoying thing was that this behavior was completely in line with the contractual rules.

Strictly speaking, the ICL league did not have much loss. It was still profitable as a whole. However, most of its popularity had been taken away by GPL and Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

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In other words, Eric and Zhao Xuming had originally thought that they were making a killing. In the end, they realized that they were only making a small profit. The real winner was Boss Pei.

As for the losing parties, it was obviously the other live-stream platforms!

Zhao Xuming leaned back in his chair dejectedly. “It’s over. No matter what we do, Boss Pei is still one step ahead of us! We’ve been tricked by Boss Pei again!”