Making Money on the Spring Festival

Making Money on the Spring Festival

However, they did not notice a slightly bald Western man silently drinking his coffee while paying attention to FV Team’s situation in the corner of the resting area on the first floor of the hotel.

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Eric looked at FV Team’s huge logistics team and fell into deep thought.

Some time ago, Eric’s failure to promote IOI’s local server had disappointed Dayak Corporation. Thus, they had Chrétien to be in charge of the operations of IOI’s local server.

The domestic market was too huge. No multinational company wanted to give up.

After taking over the position, Chrétien made a series of drastic changes, including modifying IOI’s gameplay, working with Long Yu Corporation, and so on. At the very least, the momentum had started even though it was hard to say if he had succeeded or failed at the moment.

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Thus, in the eyes of the upper echelons of Dayak Corporation, their trust in Chrétien was unprecedentedly firm.

That made the situation very difficult for Eric.

He was also one of Dayak Corporation’s senior executives. It was impossible for him to be demoted all the way. His rice bowl and position in the company would be preserved no matter what.

However, those who were able to climb to such a position were all ambitious. Eric saw Chrétien doing better in his previous position. It must be very difficult for him to accept.

Eric did not give up. Instead, he chose to lie low and watch the battle between GOG and IOI quietly while waiting for an opportunity to strike.

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The situation seemed to be very passive for Eric. In the eyes of the outside world, he had no possibility of turning the situation around, however, Eric himself did not think so.

That was because before he returned to Los Angeles, he had seriously and deeply investigated Tengda’s various methods of promoting GOG. He had even spoken to Boss Pei once.