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"Yeah, but to be precise it's not just Ryuuen. There is one other person greatly involved in the outcome of that exam".

We reached the main entrance and retrieved our shoes from the shoe rack. Then we went outdoors and resumed our conversation.

"If we think about it normally there's no way the identity of the 'target' can be found out. You, and Hirata too, never revealed to anyone the fact that Kushida is the 'target', right?".


"But what about Kushida herself? If she intentionally revealed herself?".

Horikita probably could not comprehend what I was saying for a moment there. Normally this isn't something that anyone would even think of so it's natural. There isn't a single imbecile who would reveal the fact that they are the 'target' themselves.

"Impossible, right? Something like that...there are no benefits in it for Kushida-san".

"You can't say with certainty that there are no benefits, right? For instance, how about something like making a backroom deal to reveal that she's the 'target' in exchange for private points from another class. Something like that".

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"Even if that's true.....it's an act that disadvantages Class D. In the first place, if someone turns traitor then it's all over, it's a gamble far too dangerous".

"That depends on the timing, right? There are many ways to build trust".

"Are you saying she'd betray her allies to gain points temporarily?".

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"That may be so and that may not be so. The reason is something only Kushida knows".

That is why in order to ascertain the truth of it, I invited Kushida.

"So you brought me and Kushida-san together....to ascertain the truth?".