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In the end, the news that two official statisticians of Finger Games had gone to FRY Team to help formulate strategies was exposed. It completely ignited public opinion!

Not only did domestic players protest strongly, the foreign players were also expressing that this was unacceptable.

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FRY Team lost even more miserably because of this matter!

It was already very ugly for the finals to be 3: 0. It was worse that they obtained these results even though they had accepted tactical guidance!

Foreign players felt ashamed as well after such an incident was exposed. That was why they were pressuring Dayak Corporation and Finger Games.

Eric’s minions, who were keeping an eye on Chrétien’s faction,also took the opportunity to start an internal strife within Dayak Corporation.

The power struggle within Dayak Corporation was finally settled with the announcement of the official personnel changes.

Many players were still dissatisfied with the results even though Finger Games had fired two statistics balance masters after all. They had also eliminated a higher-up. They had done enough, and the voices of dissent gradually subsided.

However, the negative impact that this incident had on Finger Games and GOG would probably not be made up for a long time.

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Pei Qian did not know what kind of power struggle Finger Games had. However, Eric becoming the person-in-charge of the China region might not be a bad thing from the results.

That was because Eric was more direct than Chrétien. Chrétien liked to play games in different ways, while Eric preferred to burn money directly. That suited Pei Qian better.

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“Eric being able to return to being the person-in-charge of China this time means that the upper echelons of Dayak Corporation have also approved of his plan. So... is the real money-burning war about to start?”