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A few minutes after several students started to gather, the island appeared.

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Ike let out a whoop of joy. The students noticed it and they began to cluster on the deck all at once. When a whole mass of people crowded the place, some bossy students came to push us so that they could take our place on the best position.

“Ah so bothersome…Hey, get out of the way! You rejects!”

In that moment, one of the very intimidating boys thrust away my shoulder. In a sudden fluster, I grabbed the balustrade of the deck to avoid losing balance and falling. Those students laughed at me in disdain.

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“Hey you, what the fuck are you doing?”

Sudō became extremely upset and intimidated on the spot. Kushida, worried by the situation, came beside me. Another girl who followed behind that student and saw the scene actually had a very miserable aspect.

“You should understand this schools’ system. It’s a school based on merit. There are no human rights in class D. ‘Defectives’ have to behave obediently and submissively, like the rejects they are. This side, we’re all class A”.

The D class then departed from the bow (of the boat) like they had been kicked out. Sudō seemed displeased, still he didn’t give in to a fight and was able to endure with it, which proved that he was becoming a little more grown-up. Or was it simply because he understood and accepted class D’s inferior position?

“Hey everyone, you were all here. What happened?”

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Among the students who came flocking, one boy called out to me.

Although we sensed that the situation was displeasing and unfair, there was no need to have unnecessary worries. So better to pay no heed to it.

That boy’s name was Yōsuke Hirata. Class D’s Leader.

I’m also the leader of the group to which I belong.

The rooms’ allocation in groups was about to be decided in that moment. While I was just expecting not to be called by Ike and Sudō to whom I was relatively close, the group simply ended up in over capacity.

Just when I remained alone, the entrance of Hirata kind of like a Messiah settled the situation.

“Say Hirata, how far did you get with Karuizawa?”

Ike addressed Hirata who actually never tried to get closer to Karuizawa.