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How to make money on Changan Bank

“Isn’t it fine until they tell us to leave? If at some point, this turns into a fight, the presence of a third party can help keep things civil. Kanzaki should see the benefit in that too.”

It seems as though Akito immediately agreed with me, as he nodded a few times.

Hashimoto then took the topic of the rumors one step deeper.

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“Hey, Kanzaki. This thing going on with Ichinose… are you sure they’re really just rumors?”


“You can’t have smoke without a fire. That’s probably what most students are thinking.”

“Rumors can create smoke without a fire as long as there’s malicious intent.”

Hashimoto leaned against the nearby wall.

“Indeed. It’s true that rumors and fire are entirely separate things.”

Proverbs can’t be applied to every situation in the world.

“However, can you confidently tell me that Ichinose doesn’t have a dark past, Kanzaki?”

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“Approximately one year. That’s how long I’ve been going through thick and thin together with Class B. That’s why I’m absolutely certain.”

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“Oh give it up Kanzaki. Responses like that stink so much that I can’t even look you in the eyes.”