Do you make a chess on the Internet?

Do you make a chess on the Internet?

「Aa. Good morning, Rose…?!」

Bunny ear hairband.

White, round tail of a rabbit.

Black leotard with a lot of shoulder exposure.

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Mesh stockings.

She was a splendid bunny girl who did the term justice.

「How is it, Allen? It suits me quite well, don’t you think?」

Rose asked, with an imposing air.

「Well, it certainly looks good on you, but… I-Is that really alright?」

「Nn? What do you mean?」

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「How should I put this… Shoulder area, c-chest area and such…」

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「This much is no big deal. It’s not that different from my casual wear.」

When she puts it like that… I suppose it’s not all that different…

Her plain clothes are where the chest area is completely exposed from the lower part of the chest to the stomach, and the bottoms are black low-rise pants which barely cover her legs.

…To be honest, it’s not all that different from what I’m looking at right now.

When I was convinced of it,