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The shrieks of Ria and Rose echoed in reaction to the attack which was different in scale compared to before.

(…That’s a tremendous mass.)

If I took something like that head on, it would be instant death.

I drew in the looming water dragon as close as possible, until the very last second, and unleashed my ultimate short-range attack.

「Fifth Sword – World Judgement!」

At that moment, a fissure ran through the world, and the water dragon was cleaved right in two.

An unbelievable shock wave occurred, causing the ceiling and the outer walls of the royal castle to be blown away.

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As the endless rain started pouring on us through the destroyed ceiling, Rain and my gaze met.

「Fuu, so you can even cut Dragon Drop too, huh… You really can cut everything, can’t you…」

He whispered so, with a slightly bright expression.

「Magnificent, Allen. In a normal swordsmanship match, I don’t have any chance to win. I’ll admit, it’s your victory.」

He admitted his defeat.