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“Kiyotaka is fine.”

It’s much too difficult to call someone Kiyopon anyway. It’s embarrassing even when said internally.

“K-Kiyo, Kiyo…… piyo……!”

Everyone’s eyes were on Sakura, so even if she was unwilling, the pressure was still rising.

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It was a problem that spiraled further and further out of control as more time passed by.

“I don’t know how the group is going to affect you, but at the very least, I think it’s necessary for you right now. You’ve taken one big step already so it shouldn’t be scary to take it one step further.”

I spoke gently in order to convey that I had her back.

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“……Yeah……K-Kiyotaka-kun. Please be kind to me from now on.”

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After a brief, determined silence, Sakura looked straight into my eyes and said so.

“Yep, you passed! I also agree with having Airi join us.”

Thus, Sakura’s inclusion was unanimously approved.

“Kiyopon, try calling Airi by name properly as well.”

“Er…… Airi.”


While we were nervous and stiff, we both managed to successfully call each other by name.

“Well, let’s do it once more. The five of us are the Kiyopon Group, so please treat us well.”

My name being selected as the namesake of the group doesn’t seem to change no matter who ends up joining it.

(Part 3 End)