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Unable to endure the awkward silence, I decided to just ask her.

「Ah… yes. I had a little something to talk about, but… one thing before that, okay?」

「Yes. What can I do for you?」

「It’s been bothering me for a long time, but… why do you use honorific for me?」


I let out a stupid voice at that unexpected question.

「We’re the same age, aren’t we?」

「It’s… That’s right.」

The reason why I use honorifics for Idol-san…

(…To be honest, that’s not an easy question to answer.)

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『It hasn’t been long since we met』means we are still distant to each other.

『Just cause』is too weak as a reason.

「Well, uh… I thought it would be better to treat girls politely…」

I gave a bland answer.

「But you don’t use honorifics for Ria and Rose, do you? If you don’t mind, I want you to talk to me normally too」Idol-san said.