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By that, Hōsen was saying that all of this had just been a part of his strategy to try and force a concession out of Horikita.

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“Then in other words, you’re agreeing to enter into a completely equal relationship with us?”

“Think of it like our discussion goin’ into overtime. There’s prolly people watchin’ here though, so how ‘bout we go someplace else?”

It was around 10:00 PM on a Sunday night. While most students should be back home by now, if somebody did show up, they’d definitely be able to overhear our conversation.

“Even so, we can’t bring you into the dormitories with us.”

Given the curfew, there was no longer anywhere suitable enough to continue the discussion.

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However, time was running short and neither party wanted to drag this out any longer than they had to.

“Wherever is fine. Behind the dorm, someplace else, don’t matter to me. Won’t take long.”

Hōsen was brimming with confidence, so Horikita didn’t have much of a reason to turn him down.

After all, despite having pushed him away at first, having Hōsen chase after her like this was exactly what she had been hoping for.

“…Fine. I’ll give you ten minutes.”

“Over there then.”

Hōsen led us to the first-year dorms which had belonged to the third-year students last year.

And then, we circled around the front of the building and headed over to the back.

It was a dark, quiet area that didn’t serve any particular use other than being a place to dispose of trash, so it seemed safe to assume that we wouldn’t run into anybody given how late it was.

“Then let’s continue this, shall we? Our conditions haven’t changed at all. You’re fine with that, right?”