How is it part-time job online?

How is it part-time job online?

She swung down her huge soul dress, unleashing a majestic ark of water in a straight line. An overwhelming torrent of water filled with tremendous spiritual power.

If I took a direct hit from that, I won’t walk out in one piece.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

At the exact same time, I swung the “True Black Sword”.

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A violent torrent of darkness bared its fangs as it ravaged the schoolyard.

The ark of water and the slash of darkness – the moment the two clashed violently, the absolute darkness devoured everything.

「No way!」

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Extremely one-sided, extremely violent darkness emerged victorious.

The president, whose ark of water was crushed easily, sat down flat on the spot.

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「President! Run away!」I screamed, but she simply shook her head.

(Shit, she ran out of spiritual power at a time like this!?)

Even now, the immensely powerful Dark Roar pushed forward to devour the president.

(This is bad!)