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After hearing my message from Hiyori, it led him to try to find me, was probably how this went.

“I mean what I meant. I would have done a better job if it were up to me.”

“I’m free to use whatever means necessary.”

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“I don’t want it to end like this. If you continue with your reckless strategies and get expelled as a result, I might even feel a bit lonely.”

I said those words casually, but it didn’t seem to affect Ryuuen’s frame of mind.

“Ahaha, what a joke. Losing to Sakayagani and you’re still this calm!”

“Our class did indeed lose to Sakayanagi. And since I served as the commander tower, I can’t be excused from the responsibility of failure. But is Sakayanagi stronger than me? Fight her, and you’ll find out.”

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“Ha- are you underestimating me?”

Ryuuen’s smile disappeared as he approached me.

“You, who have defeated even me, can’t be weaker than Sakayanagi.”

It seemed like he was trying to provoke me, deliberately saying such demeaning things.

“Although I’m grateful for you trying to cheer me up after losing, but even if it’s me, I can’t possibly be lazy and not go all out during an exam, right?”

“Sorry, I don’t believe it at all. Rather than believe that you were serious during the exam, it’s more believable that you didn’t care about winning or losing from the start… it may also be because of the school arranging it to make Class A win to save face. That’s more believable to me.”

Although it wasn’t the correct answer, it was close to the mark.

Only Ryuuen had such a ridiculous comprehension ability in the whole school.

Because he had previously battled against me, he had an absolute conviction on this.

“So…? What do you plan to do after your return, Ryuuen?”

“Don’t say I’ve returned without my permission. I intend to enjoy the holidays for just a bit longer.”