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『At present. However, there is no telling what the future will bring. The journey of an Ogre and a human traversing the world would be much too conspicuous, and the gazes much too strenuous.』

“I don’t care about the gazes around me!”

Tre’ainar would have known when Mr. Aka left.

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If you had woken me up then, I might have stopped Mr. Aka.

『Did you, who cared more about the world’s view than anyone else, just say that?』

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“eh... That’s...”

And the boomerang pierces once again.

『Indeed, you may not find it a nuisance if you travel together with him and get into trouble. You are tender-hearted....』

“I-If that’s the case!”

『However, for him, it might be heartbreaking. It may be harsh to say, but the public’s eyes are not as lenient as you think. Because he understands it better than anyone, he left.』

I couldn’t say anything back.

Aka and Tre’ainar were thinking more than I was, while I was just thinking that it would be fun to travel with Mr. Aka.

『The eyes around you do not matter? Do not make me laugh. No matter how aggressive your remarks, you who know nothing of the world, its people or of demons, have no basis. Tis unreliable.』