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"Then it's decided".

Nagumo oversaw the election of our leader and then dismissed the group.

After that, in accordance with the instructions we received from the school, we left the gymnasium.

"This...feels a lot older than I thought it'd be".

The small groups were each brought to their rooms. Inside each room, there are wooden bunk beds that would either increase or decrease in number depending on how many people we have.

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Ishizaki immediately walked over to the bunk bed at the very end of the room and used the ladder to climb up to the top bunk.

"This is mine".

"What are you talking about? You're hogging it all to yourself, that's unfair".

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Yahiko angrily said so in response to Ishizaki calling dibs on it.

"Early bird gets the worm".

Ishizaki laid down on it while laughing and looking down at Yahiko.

"We should decide who gets what after discussing it first".