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Two people facing each other. Rebal had confessed, but there is no sweet atmosphere present.

“I’ll win.”

“I won’t lose.”

They clash and show off their will to ‘not lose’ to each other.

But from my point of view, it doesn’t seem like the mood matches.

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Tch, are they going out already?

“Fu... How are you?”

“I’m in my best shape.”

“I see... When I think about it, I’ve been studying abroad with you for a year, but this may be the first time I’ve fought you.”

“That’s right...”

And, going with the flow, Rebal turns eyes to Fu.

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Fu’s childish face also changes completely, and he shows a manly smile as sparks fly between him and Rebal.

Well, this selection match is a tournament of 16 contenders, so there are others in sync besides us, it’s just like they’re saying, ‘someone among us will win’.

In fact, it feels like they’re nervous yet they can’t afford to be.

“...... Earth”

And Rebal looked at me last...

“I’m in this tournament... No matter who sees it, I’ll show off the obvious difference in power and win the championship and prove my all.”