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Pei Qian felt slightly troubled about the speed of those surrounding projects, but he still maintained his cool.

Ai, if I can’t stop them, I should just let them

Today was Monday. Pei Qian had initially planned to go straight to Fei Huang Workspace and tell them about the plan for ‘shock therapy’. However, Hao Yun from the HR department had informed him that she had something to report. Thus, after having lunch, Pei Qian went to the headquarters first.

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Pei Qian was a little puzzled because the HR department was not supposed to be busy now. Had Hao Yun created trouble for Pei Qian because she had had nothing better to do?

If that was the case, this was an extremely bad sign. Pei Qian would have to consider changing the head of the HR department.

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Hao Yun knocked on Pei Qian’s door and entered. “Boss Pei, I mainly want to report the salary adjustments for the various departments.”

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Pei Qian was even more confused now. “Salary adjustments?”

What did that mean? Wasn’t Tengda treating them well enough? Was there... room for improvement?

Pei Qian immediately became more interested.

Hao Yun said, “It’s like that, Boss Pei. The various departments are trying to solidify their foundation, and so they’ve conducted a check on their internal affairs. In the process, they discovered that several employees have been subject to pay inequity.

“The HR department conducted some checks and realized that this was a problem that existed across the board in the various departments. Thus, we spent Friday afternoon and this morning coming up with a plan which we want to run by you.”

Pei Qian understood a little more, but he was still bewildered. He knew what ‘pay inequity’ meant.

It meant that newer employees in the company were being paid more than older employees, the first-tier employees were being paid more than the management, and subordinates were being paid more than their supervisors.